Fairest of them all (broadwaybuff_x3) wrote in michael_arden,
Fairest of them all

Easter Rising...?

Does anyone know the plot of Easter Rising, the musical Michael wrote (you probably know that last bit but whatever)?  Also, is there news of any productions of it in the future?  Thanks!
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Hurm . . .

From what I have read, it's about a man who travels cross country with his son to seek out his former gay lover because he gets a letter from him saying that he's dying. The man travels with his son and finds out that his former gay lover is engaged to a woman. The two gay men end up rekindling their relationship and the son learns to love himself, and the wife comes to accept that her former fiance is a homosexual.

I think that is pretty much the gist of the whole thing.
Oh! That's actually pretty close to what I had gather from other sources. I like it! Thanks!

And PS, I LOVE your icon!
Glad I could help.

PS. I like it too, he's my little gay TV doctor man!
There's also the part where the fiancee is obsessed with becoming pregnant.
Oh so late, but if anyone is curious about ER, I'd be glad to chat about it.