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michael_arden's Journal

The Michael Arden Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

The Michael Arden Fan Community, For the Fans, By The Fans

++ Moderated by persempreamore
++ A fan community for the performer Michael Arden from Big River and bare: a pop opera
++ I make icons using inexorablyhere's brushes & tutorials =) So many thanks to inexorablyhere!

++ You must be a member to post in the community
++ Remember to credit if you use icons or other graphics that someone shares, unless otherwise specified.
++ To save room on people's friends pages, put pictures (icons *more than three*, photos, wallpaper, etc.) behind a livejournal cut.
++ Respect other people's opinions. No bashing anything in this community.
++ Promoting off-topic communities is prohibited as it is in many other communities, because it would be completely pointless.
++ Posting of spoilers is allowed but they MUST be behind a cut with a warning.

Other communities
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++ bare: a pop opera
++ Michael Arden Online